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  • Students chatting outside riverside accommodation in Kingston, London

    Why study a pathway programme?

    Posted 27 September 2021
    Our pathway programmes are specially designed to help international students succeed at university.


  • Student discusses work with staff member on campus

    Should I do a Masters?

    Posted 20 September 2021

    There are many reasons why you should study a Masters degree. From improving your earning potential to helping you get your dream job, studying a postgraduate course abroad could be the best next step in your education journey.


  • Two engineering students work on a car at Kingston University

    5 benefits of studying engineering

    Posted 12 July 2021
    Engineering is an interesting and important subject with great career prospects and high graduate salaries. Here are our five top reasons to study it.


  • How to become an engineer in the UK?

    Posted 23 February 2021

    Want to become an engineer in the UK? Find out what qualifications you need and what degree you should study, as well as how you can study abroad, here. 


  • What can I do with an accounting degree?

    Posted 08 January 2021
    Wondering what you can do with an accounting and finance degree? You will be able to pursue a variety of different roles, from forensic accountant to stockbroker, there are plenty of opportunities. Find out more about careers with an accounting degree and what else you could do.


  • Student photographs cultural sculpture in Kingston town centre

    Should I become an architect?

    Posted 02 November 2020

    Architecture is an inspiring, technical industry to work in. As a qualified architect, you could benefit from a high-earning job with creative flexibility. Discover why you should become an architect.


  • Additional start date announced at the International Study Centre this Autumn

    Posted 08 October 2020

    Kingston University London International Study Centre has added a new intake for students who wish to begin their International Foundation Year or International Year One in Autumn 2020.


  • Student studies in University library

    Why study pharmacy?

    Posted 27 August 2020

    If you have an interest in science and maths, and a desire to help people in your work, find our why studying pharmacy might be right for you.


  • Enterprising students plan work together

    How to become an entrepreneur straight after university

    Posted 04 August 2020

    Becoming an entrepreneur is an exciting career choice, but what is the best way to do it? Find out what it takes to become a successful business owner after graduating.


  • Students talking to a professor on campus

    7 benefits of studying a masters degree

    Posted 19 June 2020

    When you graduate with your Bachelors degree, it is the result of years of hard work, a lot of reading and applying yourself to your studies. You should be proud of yourself, you did it! But what happens next?


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