Benefits of studying a pathway programme

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Your pathway to postgraduate study

You may be dreaming of studying abroad, but not yet have the grades you need to get there. Or perhaps you would like extra support as you adjust to life in a new country, to make sure you get the most out of your UK study experience and achieve your potential.

pathway programme is a course specially designed for international students who want to study at a university abroad. It is designed to boost your level of academic knowledge and English language, giving you the grades you need to enter university. Pathway programmes also provide specialist emotional and practical support as you settle into life abroad. When you complete your chosen programme, you progress to your chosen university degree.

What is a pathway programme equivalent to?

There are different levels of pathway programme, designed for students at different academic stages. Some prepare you for undergraduate study, while others set you up for a postgraduate degree. Certain courses, like the International Year One, are equivalent to the first year of a degree. Others build a foundation before your main studies.

What pathway programmes can I study?

Kingston University London International Study Centre offers three programmes:

International Foundation Year

Prepares you for an undergraduate degree at Kingston University London. It introduces you to university-level study with a combination of academic and English language tuition. You will study modules in your chosen subject and progress to the first year of your undergraduate degree on completion.

International Year One

Equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree at Kingston University London. You will gain extra support as you begin your university journey, studying in small classes with teaching methods developed for international students. You will also study English as you are introduced to the local culture and the British education system.

Pre-Masters Programme

Prepares you for a masters degree at Kingston University London. You will receive extra support and English language tuition as you grow your knowledge of your chosen subject and prepare to begin your postgraduate studies with confidence.

Benefits of studying a pathway programme

Tailored for international students

Every element of your programme is specially developed to support you and help you reach your true potential. Our teachers are experts in international education and produce tailored, interactive lessons for those studying in a second language.

Improve your English language skills

Studying in English and surrounding yourself with native speakers is the best way to improve your language skills. At the International Study Centre, you will immerse yourself in the English-speaking world and benefit from dedicated English reading, writing and speaking lessons alongside your academic studies.

Fill any gaps in knowledge between high school and university

The academic requirements of university can be a surprise when you first begin. A pathway programme gives you a year to gather and refine knowledge of your chosen subject. You will have all the time and support you need to meet the challenges of your degree course.

Time to prepare and adjust

A pathway programme gives you a year to adjust to UK university life, surrounded by friendly support staff and other international students. You will have time to work on your language and communication skills, make friends and learn about UK culture.

Guaranteed university place

When you successfully complete your pathway programme, you will progress to your chosen degree at Kingston University London. Our dedicated progression support team will make sure you are on track to reach your goals throughout your time at the International Study Centre and that you have everything you need to succeed.

Why study a pathway programme in the UK?

British universities have a long history of world-leading education and are respected around the world. Studying here gives you access to these universities and helps you perfect your English ahead of your degree.

Study a pathway programme in the UK with Kingston University London International Study Centre

Kingston University London International Study Centre is a friendly and supportive new home for international students. We’ll guide you through your application, including help with visas, and be with you at every step before and after you arrive.

The beautiful town of Kingston-upon-Thames is 30 minutes from central London, meaning you have all the excitement of a world-famous capital city, as well as a peaceful place to live. It’s the perfect place to start your life in the UK.

Frequently asked questions

Are pathway programmes worth studying?

Pathway programs are a perfect starting point for students looking to begin their UK university journey, but they're not sure how to get started or perhaps don't have the right grades. They are courses designed specifically for international students.

What is a UK pathway programme?

A pathway programme is a course made just for international students. It will give you the academic knowledge and skills required to help you achieve the grades you need to enter a UK university.

How to apply for pathway program?

Whether you apply online or through an agent, we are here to support you every step of the way. Our online form is the fastest route, and you can save your progress throughout the application.