Education in the UK

Three students outside a Kingston University building

Why choose an education in the UK?

UK universities are respected around the globe. Gaining a degree from a UK university will make your CV stand out to global employers. The high standard of teaching ensures you graduate with advanced knowledge of your subject, and studying in English helps you build a great new skill.

Kingston University leads the way with its real-world education, entrepreneurial expertise and easy access to a global business network in central London. You will develop the skills, experience and confidence to forge your own future.

Kickstart your career

Many degrees in the UK offer work placements so you can continue learning outside of the classroom. Not only do these placements allow you to practice your skills, but prepare you for your career after graduation.

At Kingston, many degrees include an optional work placement or 'sandwich year' within your studies. On top of this, you can access advice from the award-winning KU Talent. This allows you to gain practical experience through work placements, as well as CV and employability help.

Vibrant student life

Your university experience also continues outside of the classrooms. Student life in UK universities revolves heavily around the Students’ Union. These are student-run organisations which offer sport and social activities on and off campus. At Kingston, you can join the Union of Kingston Students.

You can choose from over 40 sports clubs, such as football, badminton or fencing. You will also have the chance to join over 70 societies, including topics such as video games, debating and the environment.

Work-focused degrees

Nowadays, degrees are not just about research and academia. Many students choose to attend university in the UK with a specific career goal in mind. At Kingston University, teaching follows what is happening in current industry. Leading professionals help the University design its degrees, which means you will graduate with the knowledge and skills you need for a successful career. You will be encouraged to challenge accepted thinking and explore your own interests through independent study.

Teaching styles

You will benefit from a variety of different teaching styles within the UK education system. You will study your degree in the form of modules. Modules can include lectures, workshops and seminars, tutorials and student-led debates.

Alongside your modules, you will learn to study independently, which will help you become a more capable employee when you graduate. You will gain real experience of professional environments and equipment within the University’s specialist learning facilities.

Staying active

You can use your time at university to stay active and keep fit. As a student, you may be entitled to a student discount at local gyms or sport clubs. At Kingston, you will benefit from access to Tolworth Court: a sports ground covering more than 20 acres, including 12 football pitches, two rugby pitches, and netball and tennis courts. There is also an on-campus gym with an aerobics and dance studio.