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Preparation for your future career

Kingston University is the university of choice for many entrepreneurs. It was ranked as the best UK university for graduate start-ups by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (2022), due to its focus on practical lessons and developing industry links. At Kingston, you will learn valuable skills inside and outside of the classroom to become a skilled and highly employable graduate.

At the International Study Centre

We know how important developing your career prospects while you study is, so we have developed a number of innovative preparation programmes to help support your career progression and prepare you for life after university. Our initiative is available to all students who study a pathway programme at the International Study Centre.

Career focused programmes

The International Study Centre integrates numerous employability activities into its programmes. These are designed to give you a head start by helping you become a highly skilled, self-aware, confident and employable graduate.

You will develop key employability skills, such as teamwork, problem solving and communication, and familiarise yourself with the world of work. You will also assess your strengths and areas for improvement. With help from your tutors, you can create a personal development plan to help set goals for future success.

Improving skills through practical work

At the University

If you are looking to start your own business after graduation, you can take advantage of the University’s specialist Entrepeneur Society — a community of passionate, talented, and creative minds who provide great networking opportunities and run workshops. In addition, the student programme “Enterprise!” can help you work out how to turn your business dreams into reality.

Many degrees that you can progress to from the International Foundation Year in Business, Management and Law are integrated with professional experience and study abroad opportunities.

Kingston University London is just a 25-minute train journey away from central London. One of the major benefits of studying in London is being close to the headquarters of so many different industries. Whether you plan to work in business, fashion, engineering or art, London is an important global hub. By living here, you can get first-hand experience of what working in the city is like, as well as networking with professionals to get a head start in your future career.

Becoming an entrepreneur

Your right to work in the UK 

Your Student visa allows you to work up to 20 hours a week, so you can gain career skills alongside your studies. A requirement of your Student visa is a 100% attendance rate for your classes at the International Study Centre. By not attending all of your classes, you risk losing your Student visa and your right to study and work in the UK. 

The main focus of your time in the UK should be your studies – so you can gain the skills needed for an international career. 

After graduation 

After graduating, you will have the skills needed to start your international career with opportunities available all over the world. In the UK, you can access the Graduate Immigration Route – a 2-year post-study work visa for international students graduating from UK universities. You can find out more information on this on our visa page.

Discover the Graduate Immigration Route

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We offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, to help prepare you for your degree and make the most of your career.

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