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International student accommodation

Finding the right place to live is an important part of settling in, especially as an international student. At Kingston University International Study Centre, we offer a variety of options to suit your needs.

At Kingston University London, you can choose to:

  • Apply to live in halls of residence, where you'll have your own furnished bedroom in a University-managed flat shared with other students
  • Live independently in a privately rented flat or house share

Why live in university-managed accommodation?

Staying in the University's accommodation, you will benefit from living nearby to your classes. Living with other students makes it easy to meet people and make friends. Furniture is provided and your safety is a priority, with security provided 24/7. 

Kingston's halls include

  • Single en-suite study bedrooms arranged in flats in modern halls
  • Self-catered plans with shared kitchens and on-site launderette facilities
  • Free internet access
  • On-site management with 24-hour security
  • Designated flats for mature and postgraduate students
  • Adapted accommodation for students with disabilities

Prices range for a single room and studio flats. See below for up-to-date details of accommodation prices (2024/25) — costs include heating, lighting and hot water.

ResidenceRoom typeCost per week (2024/25)^
ClayhillEn-suite £171
Middle Mill *Standard£177
Walkden Hall **En-suite£201
Seething WellsEn-suite£126 - £242 (Micro, Budget, Smaller Standard, Standard, Premium, Premium Non En-Suite or Premium PLUS) 
Chancellors Hall**En-suite£177 - £213 (Affordable, Standard or Premium)
71-75 Penrhyn Road***En-suite£236 - £408 (Single, Double, Large Double, Studio, Large Studio)

^All accommodation is subject to availability. The cost shown is intended as a guideline and subject to change. The cost of your room will be confirmed in your tenancy agreement.

*Middle Mill does come with a hand basin/sink in the bedroom, but the bathrooms are 'communal'

**Located on Kingston Hill campus, where the ISC is.

***Please note that Penrhyn rooms are offered on a 50-week license period only, and will be available exclusively for postgraduate applicants.

Alexander from Germany

I would recommend people stay in halls for the social life. One of the people I met last year was staying in private accommodation and the amount of people you meet there is really low, whereas in halls you meet 500 people, and you can choose who you want to be friends with.

Alexander from Germany
Studied International Year One in Business and Management

Renting privately

You may prefer to live independently in the local area, rather than in the University's halls of residence. With a good range of properties on offer, you can easily find a flat or house that suits you.

Private accommodation offers an alternative option. You can:

  • Live near your campus
  • Choose who to share your flat or house with
  • Pay your rent monthly

The University and International Study Centre offer support to help find your flatmates and look for your new home.

Arranging your own accommodation privately

If you are booking your own accommodation privately it is important that you let us know where you are staying and that you are staying less than 60 minutes away from Kingston University International Study Centre.

Booking your accommodation

How to book your accommodation

If you are a student under the age of 18 you must arrange accommodation through the Centre. You will receive an invitation to apply for our accommodation when you confirm your place. If you request accommodation when you apply for the International Study Centre, the Central Student Support team will contact you with the latest information on available accommodation and fees.

We have good availability of accommodation for upcoming intakes, however we encourage applying as soon as possible to maximise chances of getting a room offer and in the accommodation type that suits you best. Accommodation is still available, but please note it is allocated on a first-come-first served basis.

Our Accommodation Commitment for September 2024

To provide assurance of accommodation availability, we have introduced an Accommodation Commitment.  So students can be sure of getting a room offer.

To be eligible for our Accommodation Commitment and secure a formal room offer, students need to complete the following simple steps: 

Return your Acceptance Form to confirm your study offer, and make applicable payments, by 26th July 2024 (5pm UK time) to be eligible for a room offer and receive personalised instructions on how to apply.

You will then need to apply for their accommodation by 2nd of August 2024 (5pm UK time) using the instructions and process provided for their Centre. Students will then receive a formal room offer. 

Once you have your room offer, you need to complete the application process within the specific time frames provided in order to secure your room.

The Accommodation Commitment applies to courses starting in September and October 2024 only. Rooms are generally allocated on a first come first served basis however specific groups may be prioritised where appropriate, such as students with specific medical conditions or those aged under 18. Students under 18 years of age may be limited to specific accommodation types. 

Your next steps for booking your room

It is important to arrange your accommodation before you arrive in the UK. Not only will this give you peace of mind that you know where you will be staying, this will ensure that you have no difficulty confirming your course at immigration or police registration (if required).

  1. Request accommodation when you apply for the International Study Centre.
  2. Confirm your place at the International Study Centre.
  3. The Central Student Support team will then contact you with information about the next steps you need to take to book your accommodation. If you applied directly through our online application form, your Student Enrolment Advisor will answer any questions you have about your accommodation options, the facilities offered and what you need to bring with you.

Please note, the accommodation options available may depend on your study start date. Once you have confirmed your place on the course – and have indicated on your application that you would like International Study Centre accommodation – we will contact you to advise you on the residences available to you.

Arrange your room

If you have any queries regarding your accommodation options, you can contact the Kingston ISC Central Student Support Team who are available for any help or advice you may need.

Look out for fraud

Scammers may specifically target international students so it is important to be able to recognise common signs of fraudulent activity and know what to do if you come across it. Let us know at if you have any concerns about fraudulent activity when dealing with a private accommodation provider so that we can help to protect you and other international students in case they are targeted in the same way.

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