Study in the UK

An international student on Kingston's campus

Why study abroad in the UK?

UK education has a global reputation for academic excellence. Graduates with an international qualification, relevant work experience and a good level of English language are highly valued by employers worldwide. Kingston University is known for its career-focused courses, excellent teaching quality and entrepreneurial graduates. You will be welcomed into a diverse, international community that brings together perspectives and knowledge from around the world.

Why study in the UK?

  • Language skills - degrees are taught in English, giving you the opportunity to learn a global language. Being able to communicate in the world's second most commonly spoken language will give you an advantage in the workplace.
  • Multiculturalism - the UK is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. You will find international influences throughout British culture, from food to music.
  • Prestigious education - some of the oldest universities in the world are in the UK, and British higher education is known worldwide for its quality.
  • Exploration - there is so much to explore in the UK, and each of its four countries has a different culture and history. It is also near mainland Europe, making it easy and affordable to travel to many other countries.
  • Employability - UK universities are globally recognised, making you highly employable when you graduate.