Country-specific entry requirements

Pre-Masters Preparation entry requirements

Students are normally 20 years of age or above.

English language level

The table below shows the minimum English Language level required for entry to the Pre-Masters Programme. If you don't have a current Academic IELTS for UKVI** grade, you may still apply to the ISC. Please contact us to find out about alternative assessment of your English Language level.

All students' English and numeracy skills will be tested on arrival, and study plans may be altered accordingly. (This may incur additional costs).

Course English language level*
Pre-Masters Academic IELTS for UKVI: 5.5 in all elements**
English Preparation (for Pre-Masters Programme) Academic IELTS for UKVI: 5.0 (min 4.5 in all bands)**

* The English language entry requirements stated are for information regarding entry to the course. If you require a UK visa to study, depending on the type of visa you need, the English language requirements and valid English tests to satisfy the UK visa criteria may differ.

** If you do not need a Tier 4 visa, or are exempted in another way, we can accept equivalent proof of English.

If you are applying to study in the UK under the Tier 4 student route it may be necessary for you to submit a Secure English Language Test (SELT) as part of your visa application.

Contact us to find out about valid test providers and approved test centre locations for tests taken on or after 6 April 2015. To find out if you are exempt from the SELT requirement and to find out about acceptable English language tests please contact us.

Country specific entry requirements

The information below show the minimum academic levels required for entry to the Pre-Masters Programme.

Country Qualification
Bangladesh Recognised first degree - 4 year undergraduate BA (Hons) at 45% or above
China Recognised first degree or JCD 60%
Ghana Recognised first degree
Hong Kong Recognised first degree (Honours/Ordinary).
India Recognised first degree - 3 year undergraduate BA (Hons) at 40% or above
Indonesia Recognised first degree
Japan Recognised first degree with 60% or above
Kazakhstan Recognised first degree
Korea Recognised first degree with 70% or above
Macau Recognised first degree (Honours/Ordinary) GPA 2.0
Malaysia Recognised first degree
Nigeria Recognised first degree
Pakistan Recognised first degree (at 45% or above)
Russia Recognised first degree
Saudi Arabia Recognised first degree GPA 2.0/4.0 scale or 2.5/5.0 scale
Taiwan Recognised first degree or Bachelor Degree (at 60% or above)
Thailand Recognised first degree
Turkey Recognised first degree Lisans Diplomasi or Muhendis Diplomasi at GPA 2.0 or above
UAE Recognised first degree GPA 2.0/4.0 scale or 2.5/5.0 scale
Ukraine Recognised first degree
Vietnam Recognised first degree or Bachelors Degree

If your qualification or country is not listed then please contact us for more information.

EU student definition

EU students include:

  • EEA (European Economic Area) migrant workers and their families in the UK who have lived in the EEA for 3 years
  • EU nationals and their children who have lived in the EEA for 3 years
  • Refugees (recognised by the UK government) and their families
  • People who have applied for asylum and have been granted leave to enter/remain, and their families
  • The rules on whether you are classified as a ‘home’ or ‘overseas’ student are strictly defined by the British Government; universities do not have discretion.