International Year One entry requirements

Studying the International Year One

The International Year One is a preparatory programme for progression to an undergraduate degree at Kingston University, London. To study this programme, you must meet certain academic and English language requirements.

We understand you may face disruption in receiving your final academic results and English language test in 2020. Whilst our courses are online, we have introduced the following changes so that you can start your journey and we can get you to where you want to be.

For academic results we will take in to account your individual circumstances when assessing academic achievement. For further information about this, please contact your Student Enrolment Advisor or make an online enquiry, or contact your local agent.

For courses starting this year (2020), we have expanded the list of English tests we will accept for entry to programmes at Kingston University London International Study Centre. Find out more here.

Please note that when teaching transitions from online to on-campus delivery, you will need to obtain a UKVI Secure English Language Test (SELT) for visa purposes before you can travel to the UK to continue your studies.

Age: 17+

English language: Academic IELTS for UKVI 5.5 overall (minimum 5.5 in all skills)**

Nationality: Any non-UK or EU national.

Academic entry requirements

Academic: Good high school grades, plus up to one year of further study. 

Check the academic requirements specific to your country:

Country Qualification*
Bangladesh Successful completion of High School Certificate at an average grade of 60%
China Successful completion of SH3 with 80% or above in 4 or more subjects or SH3 (60%) plus 1st year of local higher education
Colombia Successful completion of Bachillerato - 5 relevant subjects inc. Maths (A) Acceptable or above plus extra year study
Ghana Successful completion of OND/Ghanaian A Levels or Polytechnic Diploma
Hong Kong Successful completion of HKDSE 333, Higher Certificate or Honours Diploma
India Successful completion of Higher School Certificate Standard XII with average grade 50% or above
Indonesia Successful completion of SMU 3/Sikolah Menegah at grade 7.0 in 4 academic subjects (including 7.0 in Maths and Science)
Iran Successful completion of Pre University certificate 12/20
Japan Successful completion of High school plus further year of study
Jordan Successful completion of Tawjihi plus further year of study.
Kazakhstan Successful completion of ATTESTAT/Certificate of Secondary Education plus further year of study
Korea Successful completion of High School Diploma (4th Grade, or lower if the student can demonstrate 1 further year of study)
Libya Successful completion of Secondary Education Certificate with average of 60% or above plus further 1 year of study
Macau Successful completion of form 6 with average grade 70%+
Mexico Successful completion of Bachillerato with 75% or 65% plus 1 year HE (pass) IB: 22 points & Academic IELTS for UKVI 5.5**
Nigeria Successful completion of West African School Certificate (WAEC) or National Diploma/Advanced Technical Certificate
Pakistan Successful completion of High Secondary Certificate with average of 55%
Qatar Successful completion of Thanawaya Aam Qatari plus further year of study or party study of Diploma/Technical Certificate
Russia Successful completion of ATTESTAT/Certificate of Secondary Education with minimum 3.5 plus one further year of study
Saudi Arabia Successful completion of Tawjihi plus further year of study or part study of Diploma
Taiwan Successful completion of Senior High 3 plus evidence of further study
Thailand Successful completion of Year 12 (MAW 6) with GPA 3.0  or 1 year of post-secondary study with grade of 65%
Turkey Successful completion of Devlet Lise Diploması (High School Completion) - 65% overall
UAE Successful completion of Tawjihi plus further 1 year of study or part study of Diploma. Also part study of specialist diploma
Ukraine Successful completion of ATTESTAT/11th grade with minimum GPA 6.5 and above plus 1 year of further study
Vietnam Successful completion of Year 12 with average grade 6.5 plus further year of study (6.5 for Maths and Science subjects)

Other qualifications

Qualification Award
The Diploma Programme Course (IB Certificate) 22 points (English test required)
As/A Levels 40 UCAS points (formerly 120 UCAS tariff points)

* The English language entry requirements stated are for information regarding entry to the course. If you require a UK visa to study, depending on the type of visa you need, the English language requirements and valid English tests to satisfy the UK visa criteria may differ.

** If you do not need a Student visa, or are exempted in another way, we can accept equivalent proof of English.

If your qualification or country is not listed then please contact us for more information.

EU student definition

EU students include:

  • EEA (European Economic Area) migrant workers and their families in the UK who have lived in the EEA for 3 years
  • EU nationals and their children who have lived in the EEA for 3 years
  • Refugees (recognised by the UK government) and their families
  • People who have applied for asylum and have been granted leave to enter/remain, and their families
  • The rules on whether you are classified as a ‘home’ or ‘overseas’ student are strictly defined by the British Government; universities do not have discretion.

English language tuition

If you need to improve your level of English language to enter the International Year One, additional English language training is available at the International Study Centre. To join the English Language Preparation for the International Year One, you will need to meet the requirements below.

  • One term course: Academic IELTS for UKVI 4.5 overall (min 4.0 in all skills).

Apply now

If you meet the requirements stated above, you can start your application to study the International Year One at the Kingston University International Study Centre now. Take a look at our online application form today.

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